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Redevelopment Project

Update - 7 December 2008: The official opening and dedication of the extension and refurbished worship area took place on 7 December ~ please click here to view photographs.

Our Aim....

  ....is to achieve growth.

  • by fostering new links and extending our work with young people, to give support to their families and to the community.

  • by continuing care of the elderly and to all ages of the Church and Community we serve.

  • by developing and building upon the successful initiatives in our worship and outreach.

  • by making our premises more welcoming and to cater for both Church and Community groups who use our premises.

The Redevelopment Project will change the use and appearance of our building.

Our main aim is to create a welcoming environment and a functional suite of premises able to develop our role as a Church and continue to be an essential part of the community and social life of our town.

The building scheme has been given both planning permission and building regulation approval. We are now at the stage of bringing the whole scheme together.

Design Appraisal

The design approach to this study brings together a number of aspects to meet the needs of a developing church. 

One of the key features is the new entrance to the Church and Foyer Area (see picture below). The new extension serves a number of purposes ~ easy access from the public footpaths, clear identification when approaching the church from either end of College Street, larger glazed areas to make the church more inviting, a large foyer for multi-purpose use including weekday coffee point. There will also be new male and female toilets and a toilet for the disabled within this new area.

Drawing showing the proposed extension to the Church.

Adjacent to the foyer the existing church access is through the lobby. The area will be divided from the worship area by means of a new partially glazed screen; direct access to the worship area is through a centrally positioned door. The screen allows visual contact with the church. Sound will be relayed to the crèche by way of extending the existing PA System.

It is proposed to re-order the front of the worship area providing an enlarged platform with new communion rail. It is also envisaged that the floor adjacent to the organ will be leveled to the same level as the worship area; this will provide flexibility and the opportunity for alternative seating arrangement with the use of chairs.

The existing single flight of stairs to the first floor will be removed and a new slower stair installed with half landing. In place of the existing choir entrance a new lift would be positioned giving access to the first floor.

In the hall at the rear of the building, a new kitchen will replace the existing stage area. The old kitchen will be reduced in size to provide space for a corridor to be extended from the vestry to a new stairway to the first floor in the hall. The vestry and toilets will be upgraded and redecorated.

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